Company History

Lumitron was founded in 1995 as an electronics company to support the infrared imaging industry. Our first product, the SVS2000, served as a premier FPA development and production tool by allowing virtually any detector (with up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and operating at up to 264 million pixels per second) to be imaged in real-time. Numerous SVS2000 systems were acquired by leading FPA manufacturers, government agencies and industrial prime contractors. The unique relationships established between Lumitron and these key industry leaders led Lumitron to branch from the high-end SVS2000 system into embedded camera electronics.

Lumitron’s first embedded camera electronic product, the ECS-320L, was developed in conjunction with Boeing back in 1996 to support the U3000 microbolometer – one of the first uncooled detectors to be supplied commercially. The ECS-320L product line was subsequently expanded and formed the core for Indigo’s entire Merlin camera family. The ECS-320L also served with a number of other customers as the baseline electronics component for their thermal cameras.

In 2001, Lumitron was acquired by Ircon. As a leading supplier of non-contact industrial temperature measurement equipment, Ircon used Lumitron technology for radiometric thermal imaging equipment, including the Maxline 2 product. Since the ECS-320A was designed to function in the harsh industrial environment using state-of-the-art technologies, the ECS-320A was a natural product to be supplied into the commercial marketplace where extreme environmental conditions are to be encountered.

In 2007, Ircon and Lumitron were acquired by Fluke Electronics.  From this time period forward, embedded camera design was extended to a higher resolution format camera - in the RC640 family.  This family of cameras features highly sensitive cooled InSb technology, and is paired with ruggedized continuous zoom lenses.  The RC640 family has a proven track record of success in the harshest of environments - including wartime conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2011, Lumitron transitioned operations to Everett, WA, within Fluke Electronics' manufacturing facilities.  Lumitron now is able to even better utilize the manufacturing and technological resources of the greater Fluke family.