Camera Cores

At the heart of all Lumitron Infrared Cameras is our ECS-320A electronics set. These electronics, with corresponding operational software, provides for a full feature, small form factor, low power infrared camera solution for OEM customers. The ECS-320A is comprised of three printed circuit board assemblies, each 2 inches x 2 inches square, that are “stacked” together. The architecture includes a FPA specific Support Electronic PCB, a universal Camera Controller PCB, and a universal Camera Support PCB.

It should be noted that all Lumitron ECS-320A electronic sets have the same software and hardware interface. This is regardless of FPA type / selection. This allows a customer to work with multiple FPAs / IR technologies without any changes to the system architecture (software interface or cable assemblies).

Any Camera Core Module from Lumitron would involve the IR detector (with packaging for cooled sensors), ECS-320A electronics, and minimal mechanical piece part support items. Please contact Lumitron with your specific application for additional details.